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    • Before you upload any product for sale you have to make sure that product is available with you.

    • Before the product offering for sale, you'll be sure to choose the category and classification that represents the product you want to upload for sale.

    • Before upload the product and offering it for sale you must write clear and complete description accurately described the product you want to offer for sale.

    • Add the price that suited the product you want to offer for sale this ensures that your product successfully sell on koppra website.

    • It must be shown the real pictures of the product this ensures that your product successfully sell on koppra Egypt website.

    • You must make sure your details and description of the product you want to offer for sale on the koppra Egypt website.

    • The buyer must View product and preview before buying to make sure that the real product you want to buy from koppra website.

    • The buyer must before buying any product from koppra website read the description and product information and details about the product you want to buy it.

    • The buyer must preview product and to beware of cheating in any product and should not be paying any amount up to receive the product and make sure the specifications to Not to be subjected to any process of stealing in koppra website.

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